Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Truism.

As a rock climber, I and most other rock climbers of around my age like to greet each other with a conversation about our fitness.  Or, more specifically how injured we are, excusing us from good fitness and thereby establishing a chain of excuses for poor performance.  It is considered polite to inquire about a person’s injuries.

‘How’s the hand?’ I asked climbing acquaintance number 1.
‘Not bad, not bad- about 80 or 90 percent’, he answered.
‘Bah, but what is 100 percent at this stage in the game?’, he added.
We chuff-snorted and nodded in a sad-but-true agreement.
‘The only thing’, said climbing acquaintance number 2 ‘that is 100 percent these days is my solid erection in the morning’
He’s right.

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